Hong Kong Aviation Club

Brief History

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3 Jan 1891 Balloon Flight and Parachute Jump Capt. Thomas Baldwin and his younger brother carried out the first reported balloon flight at Happy Valley, once the balloon had acceded, the young brother jumped and made the first and successful parachute jump in Hong Kong. Today Hong Kong continues in the same spirit under the canopy of the Hong Kong Balloon and Airship Club.
18 Mar 1911 The Farman Biplane At 5.10pm in Yuen Chau Kok , Sha Tin, Charles Van den Born took to the air in Hong Kong's first heavier than air flight in a Farman Mk II named Wanda. (not a fish). A replica of this original plane was built and flown at Chek Lap Kok just before the opening of the new airport. It now hangs in the main entrance hall at the new airport.
24 Apr 1924 The Abbott School of Aviation Crazy Harry Abbott, the first tenant of Kai Tak

20 Dec 1929  

The Hong Kong Flying Club
1932 Rebellion in the Hong Kong Flying Club

7 Nov 1933

The Far East Flying Training School
  The Aero Club of Hong Kong
3 Feb 1971 The Far East Flying and Technical School The Far East Flying Training School is renamed
1982 The Hong Kong Aviation Club The Hong Kong Aviation Club was established in 1982 with the amalgamation of the Hong Kong Flying Club, the Aero Club of Hong Kong and the Far East Flying & Technical School.
Today The Hong Kong Aviation Club The Hong Kong Aviation Club remains based at Kai Tak which is the focus of all social activities. The relocation of the main airport from Kai Tak to Chek Lap Kok has resulted in the closure of the famous Kai Tak runway and at present recreational flying is not permitted at CLK. All flying activities now take place at Shek Kong. The Club continues to provide flight training instruction including aerobatics and is currently running a young eagles program giving the opportunity for young people to experience flying. The HKAC prime objective is to continue to promote all aspects of recreational flying.


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